8 Best Drop Shipping Companies – The Ultimate Guide to Finding DropShipping Suppliers.

Best Drop Shipping Companies - The Ultimate Guide to Finding DropShipping Suppliers

Finding the best drop shipping companies to use in fulfilling your ecommerce store orders might sound difficult and expensive, but what you might not know is that there are lots of top wholesale directories and wholesale drop shipping companies that are providing drop shipping as a service with very little fees or zero membership fee.

In this article, I’ll be discussing my picks of the best drop shipping companies that offer both paid and free membership.

Best Drop Shipping Companies - The Ultimate Guide to Finding DropShipping Suppliers

Please Note: the drop shipping companies I’ll be discussing are segmented into two categories:

  1. List of 5 best drop shipping companies with a fee required to get started,
  2. List of 3 best drop shipping companies with no fee to get started.

Why use drop shipping services?

The Drop shipping industry has kept growing year over years till date and it’s gradually becoming a mainstream means of selling more products as more big names in the online retail industry are now offering drop shipping as a service, which a good example is Walmart.

Dropshipping is one of the fastest and easy ways for you to start your own online ecommerce business without any major investment from you.

My personal experience with Drop Shipping Business.

Back when I started my first drop shipping business; I knew nothing about drop shipping, and all I wanted then was just to start my own online ecommerce store. Could I afford the cost of starting an ecommerce store then? No, I did not have the required capital; all I could raise was only $150!

As you might know; to start the lowest form of an online ecommerce store, you will definitely have a minimum of $50,000 or more! And here I am with just $150. How does it fit in? Truly, I actually called myself a joker then.

So, how did I started my first drop shipping business?
Finding myself in such situation then (next to zero capital), the only option I had was to carry out research upon research and which I eventually found out about drop shipping one fateful day!

I started my drop shipping journey by listing products on eBay and then dropship it from major departmental stores.

Luckily, I later came across two of the drop shipping companies I’ll be discussing later – and that is Salehoo and BangGood.

Salehoo and BangGood were my saving grace back then and my starting point! But if I knew what I know now, would I still choose Salehoo or BangGood?

It’s in two ways: If I can afford to pay the $67 fee for Salehoo’s services – Yes I’ll still choose Salehoo. But if I can’t afford the fee then it’s a No, and I would have happily went with BangGood or other alternatives like eSources

Anyway, enough of my stories; let’s get started with the list of the best drop shipping companies for your ecommerce drop shipping business.

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1. eSources review – what is eSources?

esources reviews Best Drop Shipping CompanieseSources is the largest UK based product supplier’s directory with over 1.5 million listings from verified wholesalers, dropshippers, trade leads and much more.

eSources is an online wholesale directory that provides you with lists of product suppliers such as; dorpshippers, wholesalers, manufacturers, trade leads and distributors across the United Kingdom and the international markets respectively.

In terms of customer reviews, eSources has one of the highest number of happy customers to show.

eSources review – Pros

  • You can get started for FREE by registering on their website and start using their directory to source suppliers immediately without paying any fees,
  • They have one of the largest dropshippers databases on the internet with over 1.5 million listings from wholesalers and dropshippers on their directory,
  • eSources has one of the highest numbers of wholesale/drop shipping suppliers that are fully verified,
  • They provide lots of helpful resources to get you started with your ecommerce business,
  • You can contact suppliers directly on eSources even if you’re using their free account.

eSources review – Cons

  • If you want to use their Premium account; their account packages are not straightforward to choose from for new buyers,
  • Although eSources does serve international market; but most of their suppliers are in UK,
  • Some of their members account packages are quite very expensive if compared to other wholesale directories of same standards. A good example is if you choose to sign-up for their £20-monthly account, you will be paying £240 each year – compared to Salehoo’s yearly membership fee of $67.

eSources review – Prices

  • Basic Buyer Membership – FREE
  • Premium Buyer Membership; the Monthly prices starts from – £6.25 – £20
  • Basic Supplier Membership – FREE
  • Premium Supplier Membership for UK Based Suppliers and International Suppliers; the Monthly Prices start from – £12.50

You can read this detailed eSources review to learn all you need to know about their services.

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2. Salehoo review – what is Salehoo?

Salehoo reviews - Best Drop Shipping CompaniesSalehoo is one of the most cost-effective product supplier’s directory. They have a well-detailed directory that contains the list of verified suppliers, such as wholesalers and dropshippers.

Salehoo’s primary purpose is to connect verified product suppliers with potential product buyers.

Currently; Salehoo gives you access to over 8,000 fully verified suppliers that are listed in their directory.

One big plus you will get by using Salehoo is the fact that they have a mandatory verification process for all of their suppliers, and which reduces your chances of being scammed by dodgy suppliers. And also, the market research tool you will get for FREE as a member is quite amazing!

SaleHoo review – Pros

  • Access to over 8,000 fully verified suppliers.
  • Access to millions of products including big brands such as; Apple, Gap, Canon, Sony, Samsung, Lego, HP, Adidas, Disney, Xbox, Nike, and much more.
  • Their platform is quite user-friendly.
  • Access to lots of educational materials and other learning resources that can get you started in drop shipping in no time.
  • Lots of useful tools and educational resources that will help you grow your online business fast.
  • Access to their top-notch market research tool that can simplify your product research process. The tool is called – “Market Research Lab”.
  • Every member has unrestricted access to all the suppliers in their directory (both wholesalers and dropshippers).
  • Every member has access to lots of free training programs.
  • All suppliers are fully verified before being listed in their directory.
  • Access to their highly responsive customer support system.

SaleHoo review – Cons

  • You stand the chance of facing higher competition if you choose to dropship brand-names from their suppliers.
  • The website is a little overwhelming and not fully self-explanatory.
  • Due to upsells, you stand the chances of paying more than the annual fee of $67 for the membership package (although it’s completely optional).

Salehoo review – Prices

  • Salehoo provides one price plan of $67 that gives you unlimited access and 60-days money back guarantee.

Every other price is optional. A good example is their ecommerce store platform if you want to host your store with them.

How Salehoo works

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3. Worldwide Brands review – what is Worldwide Brands?

worldwide brands reviews - Best Drop Shipping CompaniesWorldwide Brands is an online wholesale supplier’s directory which their list of suppliers includes wholesalers, dropshippers and other types of suppliers.

Worldwide Brands was founded in 1999, and it’s currently one of the most reliable wholesale product supplier’s directories in the industry. The main goal of Worldwide Brands is to connect products buyers with verified product suppliers.

Worldwide Brands is also one of the wholesale directories that are widely used among many ecommerce entrepreneurs in the industry.

Worldwide Brand review – Pros

  • Worldwide Brands has a very reliable directory of certified and verified suppliers.
  • Access to over 16 Million certified wholesale products.
  • Worldwide Brands provides you with a service called “Light Bulk” program, which allows you to be able to buy a small quantity of products at the wholesaler’s prices.
  • Worldwide Brands platform is quite easy-to-use.
  • Access to effective Product research tool, useful training resources and tips.
  • Access to a well-responsive support system.
  • One-off payment lifetime membership account.
  • Access to their well-interactive private forum.

Worldwide Brand review – Cons

  • Their membership cost is expensive, and definitely not for someone with a little budget.
  • You stand the chances of paying more than the membership fee due to upsell they offer with their additional features.
  • Worldwide Brand product research tool is limited, and may not be suitable for advanced users.

Worldwide Brand review – Prices

Worldwide Brand provides you with two payment options:

  • A One-time payment of $299 that gives you unlimited lifetime access,
  • Instalment payment plan that allows you to pay $99 upfront (at the time of registration) and 2 monthly payments of $110.

Every other price is optional.

How Worldwide Brands works

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4. Inventory Source review – what is Inventory Source?

inventory source reviews - Best Drop Shipping CompaniesInventory Source is a drop shipping solution that provides you with supplier’s directory, inventory automation and full ecommerce automation as a service. They are more of an online supply chain solution provider or a data solution provider for drop shipping resellers.

The company was founded in 2003 and has always been at the forefront of ecommerce drop shipping automation.

Inventory Source is undoubtedly one of the best ecommerce solutions that come with all-inclusive services you need to start an online store in no time.

Inventory Source’s Inventory Automation

Their inventory automation allows you to be able to sync your supplier inventories straight into your online store and auto-upload the products with ease.

Inventory Source’s Full Automation

Their full automation allows you to be able to do everything that is included in the inventory automation and also being able to sync your orders and shipment tracking directly. This simply means that your orders will be placed automatically with the supplier and fulfilled without you having to do anything from your side.

Inventory Source review – Pros

  • Inventory Source provides you with reliable and supplier specific integrations, that allows you to easily integrate product data with your existing online store or other 3rd party marketplaces of your choice, such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Big Commerce, Yahoo Stores, WooCommerce, Volusion, Google Shopping, Price Grabber, Shopzilla, and much more.
  • They provide reliable drop shipping services through their supplier’s directory.
  • The ability to automate your store inventory and to fully automate your ecommerce store with ease.
  • Access to over 150 suppliers and hundreds of thousands of products to get your online store up and running.
  • Inventory Source offers FREE membership account to get you started.

Inventory Source review – Cons

  • Inventory Source packages are too expensive for anyone just getting started in drop shipping business with low budget.
  • Their membership packages are not straightforward because you might end up spending more than you initially subscribed to.
  • Inventory Source does not provide you with market research tools to get you started or to help you find profitable products like you will get with “Salehoo’s Market Research Lab”.
  • Their membership fees are overpriced.

Inventory Source review – Prices

Inventory Source provides various membership price plans with two core services price plans:

  • Inventory Automation (prices starts from $50),
  • Full Automation (Prices starts from $175) services.

How Inventory Source works

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5. Doba review – what is Doba?

Doba reviewsDoba is a retailer/wholesale supplier’s directory that connects product buyers with product suppliers through the use of their website. They provide buyers with product listings of over two million products.

Basically, Doba is more of a middleman because their core operation is to connect you to suppliers (as a product buyer).

Although, Doba’s drop shipping service is not the best in the industry. But they’re still within the first 5 recommended product supplier’s directory with a membership fee.

Doba Review – Pros

  • Access to 14 days Free Trial which gives you the opportunity to try out their platform and decide if it’s for you or not.
  • Their product listings are over 2 million, which give you access to varieties of products.
  • Doba provides you with tools that allow you to easily export products to Amazon, eBay Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, 3dCart, Volusion, Volusion and much more.
  • They provide you with supplier’s ratings that analysis the supplier’s performance statistics, such as; supplier’s rates of fulfilment, suppliers item counts, suppliers shipping options, suppliers processing and ship time, the frequency at which the supplier’s product feed are updated and the return policies.

Doba Review – Cons

  • Doba’s membership fee is expensive when compared to other directories with better services.
  • The cost of products is high from suppliers; which means that the prices are not competitive and can result in low-profit margin for you.
  • Their membership Cancellation process is not straightforward.
  • Their supplier’s product Inventories are mostly low, which can cause product availability problem for your store.
  • You can only reach their customer support through email, which mostly causes excessive delay.
  • All of their member’s packages are very expensive when compared to other wholesale directories of same standards or other directories of better standards.

Doba Review – Prices

Doba provides the four following membership packages:

  • Basic ($29 per month),
  • Advanced ($69 per month),
  • Pro ($249 per month)
  • Enterprise
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6. AliExpress review – what is AliExpress?

aliexpress reviewsAliExpress is an online marketplace where you can buy products at very cheap and heavily discounted prices. AliExpress is a China-based company that is relatively the size of Amazon and with lots of similarities. Their marketplace is made up of businesses based in China and elsewhere that are predominantly offering products to international online buyers.

One of the advantages that small businesses get from AliExpress’s marketplace is the opportunity to sell products worldwide.

In terms of drop shipping; AliExpress is one of the best marketplaces you can use for your drop shipping business, and due to the low-cost products on their platform; you stand the chance of making more money than using any other drop shipping companies.

Please Note: AliExpress does not offer drop shipping as a service, but drop shipping is allowed on their platform and it’s one of the best drop shipping sources you will find on the internet.

AliExpress review – Pros

  • Access to millions of products from different suppliers at competitive prices and from lots of niches,
  • Easy to find products to sell,
  • Their products are low-cost and heavily discounted,
  • Huge potential profits for dropshipping,
  • The opportunity to scale up your business when needed,
  • It’s easy to track your customer’s orders on their platform when you choose to use their premium shipping method’s like ePacket (although not in all cases),
  • Their support system is responsive.

AliExpress review – Cons

  • Poor delivery time of packages – some of their delivery can take more than a month to get delivered.
  • You don’t get access to big brand-names on their platform (brand-names like Sony, Apple, Samsung and many more),
  • Most of the sellers on their platform don’t accept PayPal as a payment option (not in all cases though),
  • Lots of counterfeit and substandard products are sold on their platform,
  • You stand the chance of facing language barrier when communicating with their support staffs.

AliExpress review – my Opinion

In a nutshell; if you want to make some decent profits selling low-cost products online through drop shipping, and you don’t mind the potential delays in shipping time; then you can give AliExpress a try!

Please Note: the reason you get a delay in their shipping time is mainly due to the fact that their products are being shipped from China.

Is AliExpress worth it?

Yes, but as long as you can keep your customers happy with the shipping time.

Don’t forget; you are not paying any fee for using their platform apart from the cost of the products you’re buying.

My Opinion

Personally, I prefer BangGood over AliExpress because their shipping time is much faster than AliExpress (mostly within 15 days). The reasons for that is the fact that they do have warehouses in Europe, USA and China, which reduces the shipping time.

Both BangGood and AliExpress sell’s practically the same product line but BangGood’s inventory is much smaller. And also, AliExpress does not officially offer drop shipping as a service. But with BangGood, they offer drop shipping as a service.

AliExpress review – Prices

As you already know; AliExpress does not officially offer drop shipping as a service, and that means; they don’t have a membership fee – It’s FREE.

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7. BangGood review – what is BangGood?

BangGood Reviews - Best Drop Shipping CompaniesBangGood is another China-based online marketplace that provides buyers with the opportunity to buy products at cheap prices and with a regular price drop.

BangGood is relatively similar to AliExpress in the way they operate, but it’s smaller in company size. They offer practically similar product range, with lots of opportunity for small businesses.

One of the big plus you will get from BangGood over AliExpress is the fact that BangGood does offer drop shipping as a service.

Basically, you can register for a drop shipping account with BangGood, and once approved; you can start drop shipping and making money in no time.

BangGood review – Pros

  • They offer drop shipping as a service. Which means you can register and start running your drop shipping business using BangGood to fulfil your orders,
  • You will get extra price discounts on products by drop shipping through BangGood,
  • You get access to millions of products to sell and from different niches,
  • It’s easy to find and choose products to sell on their platform,
  • They offer lots of low-cost and price drop products,
  • You stand the chance of making huge profits by drop shipping from their platform,
  • Due to the varieties of products; you have the opportunity of scaling-up your ecommerce business when you choose too,
  • Your customer orders are easy to track on their platform,
  • BangGood support system is one of the most responsive in the industry,
  • You do have lots of shipping options,
  • BangGood has warehouses in China, USA and Europe, which makes their shipping time faster if compared to marketplaces like AliExpress.

BangGood review – Cons

  • Some of their shipping services are quite slow and can cause your customer’s orders to get delayed (if the order you make is coming directly from China),
  • Although you do have access to some big brand-names on BangGood’s platform, the brands are very limited,
  • You stand the chance of facing language barrier sometimes when communicating with their China office (supports).

BangGood review – my Opinion

 Although, BangGood does have limited well-known brand-names that are sold on their platform. But despite that, I still personally prefer using them for my drop shipping businesses.

And talking from my personal experience using BangGood to dropship; I’ve hardly get complains related to shipping time or product quality.

Is BangGood worth it?

Yes, BangGood’s marketplace is truly worth using for drop shipping.

BangGood review – Prices

BangGood does not have a membership fee; you just need to sign-up for their dropshipping members account for – FREE.

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8. Kole Imports review – what is Kole Imports?

kole imports reviews - Best Drop Shipping Companies for ecommerce

kole imports is a product wholesale website that also offers dropshipping as a service. The company was founded in 1982 (over 35 years now) and have been growing year over years in the industry. Although Kole Imports is limited to US buyers only.

kole imports have over 10,000 products to sell and over 25 different categories of merchandise with quality packaging.

Their product categories range from household items, pet items, crafts, scrapbooking, stationery, toys tools, hardware, automotive, glassware, home décor, health and beauty, camping items, barbecue items, lawn and gardens and many more products.

Currently, kole imports operate from a 200,000 square foot warehouse in Carson California.

One very unique product range that kole imports provide is the closeouts products which are a big valuable part of what they offer.

Their closeouts products range from branded licensed goods to generic items that the prices are drastically reduced

Kole imports review – Services

  • Custom private label services
  • Repacking services
  • Amazon FBA services
  • And much more…

Kole imports review – Pros

  • They offer good supports to buyers (businesses) using their drop shipping services
  • They offer trade shows
  • Their website is user-friendly and very easy to use
  • They provide regular web specials promotions
  • Lots of resources to review previous purchases request back
  • They provide in-stock alerts and price drops alerts to keep you updated at all times
  • Daily closeout deals,
  • They provide real-time freight quotes on all order sizes,
  • Their deals are great,
  • Kole Imports provides a line of ready-to-sell products called Promo Pallets,
  • Very responsive customer support system.

Kole imports review – Cons

  • They only accept US buyers,
  • Their less than 10,000 products listings are far low if compared to others.

Kole imports review – Prices

Kole Imports does not have a membership fee – It’s completely FREE to register and start using their drop shipping services.

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Is drop shipping companies worth using?

Yes, drop shipping companies are worth using. In actual fact, drop shipping companies are your only source for products if you want to start a drop shipping business.

Although there are different types of drop shipping companies online this days; but finding the reliable ones can be quite difficult, and that’s the main reason I decided to come up with this list of the best drop shipping companies.

Can you make money in drop shipping business?

Talking from my own personal experience; the simple answer is a YES! Drop shipping has been in existence for years now and with lots of proven success. What you might not know is the fact that there are lots of household names online stores that are using drop shipping to fulfil their business needs.

Personally, I have had my own share of the success in drop shipping business and which I’m still scaling up. Dropshipping has more than enough opportunities if you know what you’re doing!

Don’t forget that you have little overhead cost to run a drop shipping business. Which means you do have more profit margin in your ecommerce business.

Should you use a paid drop shipping directory or free directory?

Deciding on either to use a paid drop shipping directory or free directory is entirely up to your budget. If I should offer you my opinion; then I’ll suggest you start with Salehoo if you can afford $67. The reason I’m suggesting Salehoo is simply because they will offer you more than enough resources that will teach you practically all you need to learn about drop shipping (from newbie to Pro).

But if you have zero budget or capital, then I’ll suggest you go for BangGood (it’s completely free). One of the major downside to BangGood is the fact that they don’t provide you with learning resources.

Simple explanation:
If you’re just getting started and you have a budget to start with, then you can happily go for a paid directory because they will most likely provide you with resources to teach you how to get started and start making sales.

But if you don’t have a budget, or you’re comfortable with getting started on your own, then you can go for free drop shipping directory/companies.

All been said; the product source is one part of the equation, and the most important part is how you market the products you’re selling to your potential buyers.

How long will it take you to make your first sale in drop shipping?

How soon you will make your first sale is totally depending on how you market the products you’re selling.

As for me when I started one of my first drop shipping business on Shopify, it only took me less than 72 hours to make my first sale using Facebook ads to market my products. So, the timing is totally depending on how you market it.

How can you get an ecommerce drop shipping website developer?

There are lots of drop shipping website developers out there, but personally, I’ll suggest Rebrand-Arts because they can help you beyond just building the store. They can help you to set-up the store, including product researching, sourcing products, adding the products to your store and marketing your store.

What are the best ways to start a drop shipping business?

Starting a drop shipping business is relatively straightforward. You can simply start by building your own store on Shopify, Woocommerce or Magento. Alternatively, you can use a marketplace like Amazon or eBay.

After setting up your platform; you need to find a product source and simply start adding products to your store (that’s the primary purpose of coming up with this list of the best drop shipping companies).

Then the final step, which is marketing; you need to start marketing your store on places like Facebook (if you’re selling on your own website).

But if you’re using marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, then you don’t really need to market it because they already have buyers waiting to buy from you if your products are in demand. Although, knowing how to optimize your products on eBay or Amazon does goes a long way in selling your products fast and selling more products.

To get an in-depth learning about drop shipping; please check this resources “Dropshipping 101: The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping PDF”.

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The Bottom line of picking the best Drop shipping companies

Picking the best drop shipping companies to use in fulfilling your business needs can be sometimes overwhelming, but it all boils down to your business budgets and the niche you intend to serve.

Most times it’s not about choosing the very best drop shipping companies to serve your business needs; but rather choosing the drop shipping companies or company that actually serve your business needs.

Coming up with the list of this best drop shipping companies was as a result of my personal experiences with most of the companies. Most of their prices might be worth it for you in the long run, but personally, I’m a big believer in starting small and scaling up.

I can easily tell you to go for companies like worldwide brands as a starter, but it’s not the best of choice for newbies (if you don’t want to put yourself under pressure).

My Opinion

Talking from the point of my own personal experiences and what I know; my two preferred choices of the best drop shipping companies are BangGood and Salehoo respectively (one is free to use and the other one does require a $67 membership fee per year).

Reasons for choosing BangGood and Salehoo

Personally, I’ve had amazing success with BangGood since I’ve started using it to dropship and that’s why I can easily recommend it to you.

On the other hand; if you want to go more specific by dealing with multiple suppliers and selling known brand-names, then I’ll recommend you go with Salehoo. It’s by far the cheapest in the industry with that much quality and reliability.

What’s Next?

As the quote says; “Knowledge is power”, but in my opinion; knowledge is just a potential power. It only becomes power when you use it…

I’ll leave it over to you at this point.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to share your comments below.

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