How to Find the Perfect Employees for Your Small Business

How to Find the Perfect Employees for Your Small Business

The right people make it work

You can’t fully meet your businesses potential without the right team making all of the workflows run smoothly. You need to make sure you have a team with the right experience, devotion and passion for their work and your business.

Remember, small business owners have a hiring process much more difficult than that of a big corporation. You simply have the owner, interviewing candidates. There’s no HR department, vacancy marketing and targeted selection process, you’ve got to take it all under your belt yourself.

Promote your workplace

Even before you begin probing your candidates for signs of passion and loyalty for your business, you should show them the ins and outs of your workflows and why it’ll be a great workplace for them to work in. Offering things like office perks and a great career trajectory from the experience they will gain in your workplace are just some of the things you can do to motivate and excite candidates.

Chances are you don’t exactly have a major remuneration package of over $100,000 a year to sell them on the role either, so outlining unique experiences and future gains your business can offer will help with this too. Making your businesses practices and goals attractive is just important to the client as the income, and in the case of millennials, it is more important than their income.

Experience. Behaviour. Passion.

These are most important attributes of your future employees. A bad hire can cost you thousands of dollars, as well as create an unproductive workplace and even low morale. Don’t take that risk, and really focus on honing in on your candidate’s skills and what they can offer to you and your team. Remember, you’ll be working together for a while, so coherence and the ability to work as a team effectively is essential to maintaining a stable business.

Loyalty and passion are also great attributes to look for. An employee who is loyal to the business and has its best interests in their mind will keep it afloat even in the worst of times because money isn’t the only driving factor for them to complete their workflows. The best results come from the employees that are working for you because they love your business and want it to succeed.

Advertising and Employee Types


It’s almost 2020 and the number of remote and freelance workers has grown to more than 50 million in the US alone. Remote work is also booming because of the convenience it brings to workers and its affordability and massive savings it can get businesses.

Small businesses looking for ways to grow their team numbers can look to a few different means of employment for their employee expansion. These can be traditional part-time, full-time and casual employees, as well as the types of employees that are the result of the worlds en masse migration to the internet – remote and freelance workers.


One of the most important parts of finding the best employees for your small business is advertising correctly and in the right places. This means turning to online job boards for either local workers, or freelance websites to find affordable and skilled remote workers that you might not be able to find in your current location.

Websites like Gumtree are great online locations for advertising a new position as its popular and easy to use for businesses and job hunters alike.

Trial and Hiring

There’s only one real sure-fire way to know if an employee is perfect for your role, and that’s to test them with the workload and how they do with it. You can choose to do a trial run with your top candidate to make sure that you’re looking in the right direction to hire them, though this may or may not be taken well.

Other means of ensuring an employee is fit for the workload is seeking them through a staffing agency. This way you’ll have the confidence that they have been tested and are providing great results before you begin interviewing them.

Bottom Line

All in all, looking for a devoted, experience and skilled employee who has a passion for their work and an interest in your business will provide you with a great and effective employee. Just make sure to outline the workloads properly and to advertise your roles in the most accurate way and on popular job boards.

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