Worldwide Brands Review: Discover All You Need to Know About Worldwide Brands!


Worldwide Brands is one of the well-known wholesale directory in the ecommerce industry and they’ve been in business for over a decade now. In this Worldwide Brands review; you’ll discover all you need to know about Worldwide Brands and the services they offer.

One known fact is this; Worldwide Brands is widely used among dropshippers and other ecommerce entrepreneurs. But regardless; I believe it’s essential you have a clear and better understanding of the Pros and Cons of Worldwide Brands before you decide to spend your hard-earned money on their services.



Overall Ranking: 90 out of 100
Product Price: $299 – Life-Time Access Membership
Product Owners: Chris Malta
Founded: 1999
Product Website:

Worldwide Brands Review - What is Worldwide Brands

What will you get in this Worldwide Brands Review?

The main purpose of this review is to provide you with detailed information while you decide if Worldwide Brands is for you or not; basically, i’ll be discussing the following points:


  • What is Worldwide Brands?
  • Who is Worldwide Brands For?
  • What are the Advantages of using Worldwide Brands? The PROS
  • What are the Disadvantages of using Worldwide Brands? The CONS
  • What are the benefits of using Worldwide Brands?
  • What Training does Worldwide Brands provide?
  • What Support System does Worldwide Brands provide?
  • What is Worldwide Brands Membership cost?
  • What is the Best Alternative to Worldwide Brands?
  • How does Worldwide Brands work (a short video)?

So, please pay close attention as we proceed…
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What is Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands is more of an online wholesale directory and product sourcing company that offers drop-shipping and wholesale programs to their customers. The company was founded in 1999 by Chris Malta, and was registered as a corporation two years later (in 2001).

Their primary goal is to source qualify and reliable wholesale manufacturers and wholesale suppliers that are willing or interested in selling products to both small to medium sized retailers (inclusive home based businesses).

One fact that you can’t take away from them is the quality of their directory! The qualities of products you source through them are quite better than most online wholesale directories.


Worldwide Brands Review: Who is Worldwide Brands For?


  • Worldwide Brands is for anyone looking to start their own ecommerce business independently or to use the popular ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Shopify or eBay.
  • Worldwide Brands is for you if you’re interested in starting your own dropshipping business.
  • Worldwide Brands is for you if you’re looking for a reliable and reputable product sources online.
  • If you’re interested in selling products online and you need a reliable wholesale directory; then Worldwide Brands is for you.

Also, if you’re planning to drop-ship as a means of fulfilling your sales; then Worldwide Brands can surely help you with wholesalers interested in drop-shipping for you. In fact, drop-shipping is their core area of strength; so i can confidently say you’re in the right hand!

Although, Worldwide Brands subscription fees might be more pricey compared to other service providers such as SaleHoo; but it all depends on your pocket (your Budget)!

NOTE: If you’re new to drop-shipping; please read this Proven Step-By-Step Guide to Successful Drop Shipping Business.

How does Worldwide Brands work?

What are the Advantages of using Worldwide Brands? The PROS

  • Highly reliable and efficient
  • Extensive directory of certified suppliers
  • Opportunity to buy small quantity of products at discounted wholesale prices (their Light Bulk program)
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • They provide you with useful training resources
  • Their support system is quite very helpful
  • You’ll get a Life-Time membership
  • Interactive private forum
  • Effective Product research tool – as far as narrowing down to niche specific


What are the Disadvantages of using Worldwide Brands? The CONS

  • Their membership cost is not cheap, and can be classified as expensive depending on your pocket or budgets
  • They do have up-sells on some of their extras (although, that’s if you need the extras – it’s completely up to you)
  • Limited tools for intense product research (for advanced sellers)


Worldwide Brands Review: What are the benefits of using Worldwide Brands?

The company does go extra miles to ensure you get only quality suppliers from their online wholesale directory; from wholesalers, to drop-shippers and distributors.

Worldwide Brands also provides a service called Light Bulk; they negotiate with their Top-Level Wholesalers (on order quantity). Basically; the intention is to give small-scale sellers the opportunity to buy products at affordable prices, in smaller quantities, and still enjoy wholesale discounts on the related products.


What Training does Worldwide Brands provide?

They do provide Free Selling Online Email Training series; and also, they have a dedicated learning section on their website called “Learning Centre”.


What Support System does Worldwide Brands provide?

They do provide both phone support and email support. Their Email support system operates 7 Days a week.

One thing i can say about their support system is this; it’s quite very reliable and helpful compared to other companies in the industry!

Hardly these days you’ll find wholesale directories that will provide any form of phone supports; most other companies do hide behind emails to transact with you!


Worldwide Brands Review: What is Worldwide Brands Membership cost?

Worldwide Brands provides only one membership package and the cost is:

$299 – Life-Time Access Membership!


What is the Best Alternative to Worldwide Brands?

If you need a genuine alternative to Worldwide Brands, then i’ll suggest you go for SaleHoo. It’s far cheaper, newbie’s friendly and with intense product research tool.

For further reading about SaleHoo, please follow this link to read our review What is SaleHoo.


Worldwide Brands Review: Is Worldwide Brands Legit?

Yes; Worldwide Brands is completely legit!

As mentioned above; they’ve been in the business since 1999 and that goes a long way for any business.

If for any reason you still need more clarity about worldwide brands authenticity; then i’ll advice you’ll search on Google by following this link “is worldwide brands legit”. Basically, you’ll see all the facts for yourselves!

Is Worldwide Brands Legit

Worldwide Brands Review: my Opinion about their Services

I hope this Worldwide Brands review has been of help to you one way or the other? Although, I clearly understand the fact that Worldwide Brands is quite pricey; but the truth is; you surely have alternative that i can personally recommend, and that is SALEHOO (follow this link to read SaleHoo’s Review).

Although, Worldwide Brands is one of the very established online wholesale directory on the internet, and they’ve been around since 1999; but having said that; it all depends on your budget or what you’re comfortable spending!

Truth be told; i seriously doubt if there is a way you can make money without any investment (no matter how little).

One thing i can tell you is this; if you’re ready to put in the time, commitments, hard work and any efforts required; then, Worldwide Brands is for you! But if you’re not interested in putting in the required efforts; then, forget it!

Please bear this in mind; “there is no magical way to Success”.



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