eReleases Review: discover all you need to know about their Press Release Distribution Service

eReleases Review – Content Overview:
One of the major purposes of issuing press releases is to try and get some media attention for your new or existing products, services or events.

Looking at the PR industry; there’s no doubt that the industry has really helped companies and organizations in many ways, including attracting related interests, which most times helps in the area of funding.


eReleases reviews Press Release Distribution Services

In this eReleases review, I’ll be discussing all you need to know about this PR Company and how their press release distribution services can be of help to you.

NOTE: the word PR used in this content simply means – Press Release (in case you don’t already know).

Product Name: eReleases
Overall Ranking: 90% out of 100%.
Price: Range from $299 to $499
Owners: Mickie Kennedy

eReleases Review – Table of Contents

  • eReleases company overview
  • What is eReleases
  • What services do eReleases provides?
  • Does eReleases PR really work?
  • What are the benefits of using eReleases?
  • Who is eReleases for?
  • eReleases Pros and Cons
  • eReleases support
  • eReleases prices
  • My opinion about eReleases


eReleases company overview

eReleases was founded in the year 1998 (almost two decades ago) by Mickie Kennedy after he had worked in the PR industry for many years, and he felt that the needs of small and medium-sized businesses were not met in regards to access to quality PR services.

According to eReleases founder (Mickie), the company (eReleases) was founded to give smaller businesses an easy access to the newswire industry without compromising the quality of service. Fast-forward to now; eReleases is currently one of the recommended press release distribution services that have proved to perform above the industry standards.

Before I continue, let me start by explaining what eReleases is all about.

eReleases review e-Releases reviews

What is eReleases? 

eReleases is a Press Release (PR) company; they provide PR services that help companies or organizations in gaining media attention through the use of Press Release writing and distribution services.

NOTE: Just in case you’re new to PR as a service; you can read this “what is Press Release” to have a better understanding of what this content is all about.

What services do eReleases provides?

eReleases offers two Press Release services which are PR writing and PR distribution. In addition to that; eReleases do have professional editors who will provide you services according to your requirements and needs, and without the use of bots.

Does eReleases PR really work?

Based on what I know about them before writing this eReleases review; it’s a Yes from me. They have proven to be very effective. Also, eReleases does have good customer feedback.

Bear in mind that eReleases is just responsible for writing and distribution of your press release (PR). Which means that the end result is totally depending on the nature of the information you’re trying to communicate (events, products or services).


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What are the benefits of using eReleases?

  • eReleases is one of the partners of PR Newswire which is one of the highly reputable and dedicated press release newswires.
  • With eReleases access to PR Newswire; they will ensure your PR gets full nationwide distribution without any limitations.
  • Detailed reporting system. With eReleases WireWatch Report; they provide you with proof of distribution of your PR’s and with clickable links to verify all the submissions within 2 hours after your press release is published.
  • According to eReleases; they claim to have a 94% PRTrue Lists delivery rate to hand-selected journalists across different industries and niches respectively.
  • eReleases provides you with the opportunity to know the editor working on your PR project’s (in-person).

And much more.

e-Releases review Clients Review

Who is eReleases for?

  • eReleases is for anyone (company or organization) that needs reliable press release distribution services.
  • If you need your press releases written by real human editors (not bots), then eReleases is for you.
  • eReleases is for anyone that wants to write a compelling and highly informative Press Release.
  • eReleases is for any small to mid-size companies.
  • eReleases is for anyone that needs a more transparent delivery rate of their PR.
  • eReleases is for anyone or company that needs detailed and effective reports for their press release distributions.

eRelease Review – the Pros and ConseReleases reviews PR Distribution Services Review


  • eReleases distributes their Press Releases through the use of top Newswires,
  • eReleases is well reputable within the industry,
  • They have been in business for 20 years, which means they are well-established within the industry,
  • eReleases has higher delivery rates,
  • Most PR companies these days use bots to write their Press Releases, but eReleases uses real human editors to work on your projects,
  • With eReleases; you practically have free access to the editor working on your project’s,
  • eReleases is one of the leading partners of PR Newswire, which gives them credibility within the industry (PR Newswire is one of the largest Newswire in the industry).


  • eReleases packages are relatively expensive if compared to other Press Release companies,
  • eReleases is not that popular as other top PR companies,
  • They don’t have that much social proof or customer reviews on the internet.


eReleases support

eReleases do have a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section on their website that will answer most of your questions or concerns. Although, they also provide you with both phone and chat support.

eReleases prices

eReleases has three price plans which range from $299 to $499.
Here are each of the packages they provide:

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eReleases review – my opinion and conclusion

Although, reading eReleases review alone may not necessarily answer all your questions, but I’m sure it should give you a better understanding of how eReleases works, the services they provide and what you could benefit by using their services.

Would I Recommend eReleases?

YES, I will happily recommend eReleases to anyone that needs a reliable PR company.

What is my Overall Rating of eReleases?

90% out of 100%.

In Conclusion

The fact is this; eReleases does give you that personal touch that is missing from most PR companies, and that alone can give your business a better hedge over your competitors.

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