InstaBuilder Review: Discover all you need to know about InstaBuilder landing page builder.

One of your priority, when you’re just getting started as an online marketer is to find a landing page builder that is cost-effective and easy-to-use without compromising quality or designs. Considering such facts was what prompted me in writing this InstaBuilder review.

As an online marketer; having a landing page builder that creates highly effective and responsive pages that convert leads into sales is more of a necessity.

InstaBuilder Review Insta Builder

Truth be told; you can always get such quality page builders but it does come with a high monthly subscription price tag in most cases. A good example of such landing page builders are LeadPages and InstaPage builder.

But what of if you can’t afford such high prices; can you still have such quality builder at a price that is affordable and cost-effective to someone just getting started online? The answer is yes, there are some very good landing page builders that even newbies should be able to afford.

In this InstaBuilder review, I’ll be discussing all you need to know about InstaBuilder landing page builder.

Overall Ranking: 85% out of 100%.
Price: range from $77 to $197 (one-off payment)
Owners: Suzanna Theresia


InstaBuilder Review – Table of Contents

  • Why use InstaBuilder Landing Page Builder?
  • What is InstaBuilder?
  • What can you create with InstaBuilder?
  • Who is InstaBuilder for?
  • What are the Benefits of InstaBuilder?
  • InstaBuilder Pros and Cons
  • What is the cost of using InstaBuilder?
  • My Opinion about InstaBuilder.

Why use InstaBuilder Landing Page Builder?

Before I get into the specifics and the product details; let me quickly share with you how I came about this product and why I decided to write this InstaBuilder review.

Basically, while I was working on one of my WordPress websites and I needed to build some landing pages for the website; to my surprise, I discovered that most of the so-called landing page builders out there are annoyingly expensive!

Well; I was only left with one option, and that is to keep searching. Luckily enough, I came across this low-cost WordPress landing page builder – InstaBuilder.

Talking from experience; I believe some of you will one day need WordPress landing page builder that is more affordable and cost-effective. Well; I encourage you to read this – InstaBuilder review and decide if this page builder does meet your needs or not.

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What is InstaBuilder?

InstaBuilder is a landing page builder that allows you to build, design and optimize your landing pages straight from your WordPress website. It’s a WordPress plugin; which means you don’t need a third parties platform to use the builder.

Interestingly; InstaBuilder has worked flawlessly in-terms of compatibility with WordPress, and which is definitely a big plus for you.

What can you create with InstaBuilder?

With InstaBuilder; you can practically create any type of landing pages you want to create without any limitations!

Among many types of landing pages that you can use InstaBuilder to create; here are some of the most common landing pages that you can quickly build with InstaBuilder:

> Product launch page
> Sales page
> Squeeze Page
> Mini Squeeze Page
> Thank you page
> Opt-In page
> Video Page

And much more pages…

Who is InstaBuilder for?

  • InstaBuilder is for anyone that wants to build any type of landing pages,
  • InstaBuilder is for anyone that needs a cost-effective landing page builder,
  • It’s for anyone that wants to build stunning and responsive landing pages,
  • It’s for anyone that wants to sell products online,
  • InstaBuilder is for any level of online marketers – from beginners to advance.

And much more..

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What are the Benefits of InstaBuilder?

InstaBuilder is one of the few low-cost page builders that have managed to deliver beyond expectations. Also, the user experience and the features included are quite amazing.

Here are some of InstaBuilder benefits:

  • InstaBuilder comes with a stunning and easy-to-use user interface.
  • InstaBuilder is an “out of the box” page builder for affiliate marketers or any online marketers.
  • The page builder is fully customizable; just drag and drop to get the results you need.
  • Its mobile friendly, responsive and SEO ready.
  • InstaBuilder comes with a lot of built-in templates that gives you the flexibility of designs.
  • InstaBuilder does have loads of format-able features that you can add to your pages while creating your designs; from text formatting to integrating of elements and much more.
  • InstaBuilder does have some unique marketing feature that is prebuilt and integrated.
  • It comes with a dedicated image editor that helps expand the user experience.
  • You have the option to easily duplicate pages when you have the needs to create multiple pages of similar contents.
  • You can easily create a time delayed buttons which is very helpful in generating more sales from your landing page.
  • InstaBuilder has the option for you to integrate a countdown timer that helps in creating a sense of urgency which eventually leads to more sales.
  • Easy video and animations integration.
  • InstaBuilder landing page builder was created with SEO in mind, which is a big advantage for ranking of your content pages.
  • It has easy integration that allows you to publish your contents on places like Facebook.
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InstaBuilder Review – The PROS

  • InstaBuilder page builder is easy-to-use,
  • Its mobile friendly and quite responsive,
  • InstaBuilder can be well-optimized in-terms of SEO requirements,
  • It comes with one-off low-cost payment,
  • It’s fully customizable
  • Learning resources to walk you through the plugin,
  • InstaBuilder provides you with 60 days Money Back Guarantee.

InstaBuilder Review SEO

InstaBuilder Review – The CONS

  • Their support system is a little slow in response,
  • They only provide one-year free support and update which can be an issue after the initial one year is over,
  • Some of their learning resources are limited and not up-to-date,
  • It requires an initial investment which is the one-off payment,
  • They don’t provide you with the option to pay monthly, which can be an issue for anyone that can’t afford a one-off payment.

Please Note: there are few other Cons that I can mention, but it’s more of a preference than being a downside to the tool. So that’s the reason I’ve only mentioned what concerns everyone using InstaBuilder plugin.

What is the cost of using InstaBuilder?

InstaBuilder does have three different price plans which range from $77 to $197.
Here are the details of the available price plans:

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Bottom Line and my Opinion

I understand the fact that building a quality landing page can be quite challenging, but when you get your head around using effective page builder, you will be amazed at the results you’ll get.

InstaBuilder is no doubt an amazing landing page builder and with lots of room for improvements. But one major downside to this product (in my opinion) is the fact that it’s not well maintained like the big names in the industry, such as Leadpages, InstaPage or unbounce.

I wish the owner of InstaBuilder can take it more serious than just looking at the money-making side of it. Don’t get me wrong, InstaBuilder is great, but they can surely do far better! Strictly my opinion though..

Having said that; I can categorically tell you that InstaBuilder is still far better than some of the page builders you’re paying an outrageous monthly subscription for!

Would I Recommend InstaBuilder?

YES, I highly recommend it, and I’ll give it 85% out of 100%.

InstaBuilder Review Why Use InstaBuilder

In conclusion

I’ll simply say this; if you need a low-cost landing page builder that creates pages that converts into meaningful sales; then I highly Recommend you try InstaBuilder.

Give it a try and let your opinion counts by coming back to share your thoughts in our comments area.

Many thanks for reading this far!

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