Clickmeter Review: Discover All the Facts you need to know about ClickMeter!


Clickmeter is one of the URL events management tools/conversion tracking tools that is not well known among many online marketers despite its highly effective features (most of the features are well-detailed in this Clickmeter review).

In actual fact; Clickmeter is currently poorly ranked when you search for the term “conversion tracking tools”. Which implies that the company has a lot of work to do to create more awareness of this product.

As a big believer in conversion tracking tools; I believe it’s highly essential for any serious-minded online Marketer to track and optimize their campaigns if you really want a sustainable result that can give you true value for money!

Clickmeter Review

The big question here is this; what is Clickmeter and how can it benefit you as an online marketer? Well, that is what you’ll be learning in this Clickmeter review.

In this Clickmeter Review; I’ll be discussing all you need to know about Clickmeter and its features.

Product’s Overall Ranking: 90% out of 100%
Product Price: Starts from FREE, $29, $99 and $349.
Product Owners: Davide De Guz
Product Website:

ClickMeter Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ


What are the Key Points in this ClickMeter Review?


  • Understanding what clickmeter is all about
  • Pros of Clickmeter
  • Cons of Clickmeter
  • Who is Clickmeter for
  • What is the benefits of Clickmeter
  • Clickmeter features (displayed in images)
  • What Support system does ClickMeter provide
  • Clickmeter Prices and packages

And more informative details!

So, let’s me get started with the Clickmeter review by explaining what ClickMeter is all about!


Clickmeter Review: what is Clickmeter?

ClickMeter is a web-based professional URL events management tools/conversion tracking tools that allows you to track, monitor and manage the events and status of your URL’s!

ClickMeter allows you to track all your campaign links that are distributed across the internet; such as:

  • Sales pages
  • Website links
  • Email links
  • Facebook pages or any social media
  • All types of Ads

And many more!


One of the interesting parts of ClickMeter is the fact that you don’t need to download or install any software’s before you can use the services.


Clickmeter Review: what are the Advantages of using ClickMeter?

PROS of ClickMeter:

  • It’s Free to get started – although you have the option to start with the paid package
  • It’s completely web-based
  • It allows you to track and differentiates between real human and bots clicking your links
  • It allows you to track the clicks that lead to Conversions in your campaigns
  • Detailed analytics for your reporting – from traffic locations, to devices info, to I.P address – and many more
  • It allows you to identify fraudulent clicks
  • It allows you to track the uniqueness of clicks through your url’s
  • It allows you to track your traffic Sources inclusive Referrers
  • ClickMeter has more than 100 unique features – from targeting, to tracking, to integration and many more (see image below).


Clickmeter Review: what are the Disadvantages of using ClickMeter?

CONS of ClickMeter:

  • Although, clickmeter does have free account to get started, but the free account comes with some limitations! Such as; the free account only allows 1,000 events per month
  • The paid package is not cheap for anyone seeking completely Free tools
  • The browser compatibility is limited! It’s mainly reliable with Google Chrome browser
  • ClickMeter only provides email support.


Who is ClickMeter for, or who can benefit from ClickMeter?

Basically, ClickMeter is a complete tool for any marketing agencies, professionals with internet related businesses, or internet marketers that are growth driven and passionate about tracking their campaign success.

Here is a brief list of those that can benefit from ClickMeter:

  • Marketing Agencies
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Advertisers
  • Publishers (such as Bloggers or any content creators)


Clickmeter Review: what are the Benefits of using ClickMeter?


ClickMeter gives you the following benefits:

  • Track your Affiliate links
  • Track your online Classified Ads
  • Track Conversions of your campaigns
  • Track your Solo Ads
  • Can be used for Link Cloaking
  • It has a feature called Links rotator – this feature can be used to display multiple web pages or for A/B split testing
  • Track Subscriptions
  • ClickMeter can be used to monitor possible click frauds on your campaigns
  • Track sources of your traffics
  • Track your Ads campaigns such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads or any other ads related.

Basically, ClickMeter has more than 100 useful features that can help you simplify tracking, analysing and retargeting processes.

Clickmeter Review: what Support system does ClickMeter provide?

ClickMeter provides only Email Support.
Although, you will possibly get answers to most of your questions from their support page (on their website)!


Clickmeter Review: ClickMeter Prices and Packages

ClickMeter does provide the following four account subscription packages and prices:

  • SMALL: completely Free account (it’s FREE to get started)
  • MEDIUM: $29 per month
  • LARGE: $99 per month
  • X-LARGE: $349 per month

NOTE: their packages are listed based on sizes.


Bottom Line

If you want to be in control, and also know what works and what does not work in your online marketing campaigns; then, i’ll suggest you use a conversion tracking tool!

Personally, i’ve being using ClickMeter for over a year now and i’ve not seen any reason to fault their services.

Truth be told; they’ve lived up-to and beyond my expectations (my opinion).

All i can say is this; signup for their FREE account and try it out for yourself. The Free account give you practically the basics of all you need to make your own decisions or opinion about the product. Nothing hidden; it’s plain and simple!



ClickMeter Video Tutorials


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