ClickMeter FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is ClickMeter?

ClickMeter is a web-based link tracking tool that allows online marketers to be able to create and manage their online campaigns more effectively. From the point of efficiency and performance; ClickMeter allows you to analyse and understand which one of your campaigns or ads are providing the most value (with ROI in mind).

How does ClickMeter work?

ClickMeter allows you to create tracking links that you can share or post on the Internet while you have the capacity to track how effective the links are in terms of results and values.
A good example of the links will be links directly connected to your ads or marketing campaigns.
ClickMeter lets you share or post your links on places such as social networks, blogs, forums, newsletters, pay-per-click campaigns and much more.

What can you use ClickMeter for?

As an online marketer; being able to track the performance of your links/campaigns are priceless, and this is what you get by using ClickMeter in managing your campaigns.

Which browser is best for ClickMeter?

Currently, ClickMeter user interface (UI) works best on Google Chrome browser. Although, the company might soon make it more compactable with other browsers but for now, it only works on Chrome.

What is the price of ClickMeter subscription?

ClickMeter’s prices are listed based on the package sizes.
Here are the prices for their packages:

  • MEDIUM: $29 per month
  • LARGE: $99 per month
  • X-LARGE: $349 per month

How to get started with ClickMeter

To get started with ClickMeter; learn more here.

You can also read this Clickmeter review to learn more about their services and benefits.

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