Discover How to Earn Money Online with Airbnb without Having Your Own Property!



AirBnb is one of the fastest growing travel websites for renting any type of property that is amazingly popular with travelers. In that way it is a great way to earn money.

What is AirBnb?

Airbnb is a website where travelers (users) can book apartments, houses, rooms and on the other hand, the owners can advertise their properties and earn money via renting. The usual prices of the properties are slightly lower of the average hotel prices in the cities. It is indeed a great service that is saving people a lot of money, but also is giving the local population in almost all cities in the world to earn money.


How to make money with Airbnb?

The process of making money on Airbnb is simple. First you need to have some kind of property to rent. It can be a room in your apartment or house, or it can be a separate apartment or house. Then, all you need to do is sign up, put photos and explain what exactly will the visitor get when they rent your property.

You need to put description of the exact things they will get during their stay.

  • Will there be a breakfast?
  • Will you be proving them with transportation (getting them from the airport or bus station etc)?



Remember, you are competing with lots of other users that are trying to also rent out their properties. The competition is especially huge in the popular cities like Paris, New York, Los Angeles or London, where the hotels and rent are expensive and there a millions of visitors on yearly basis.

So, be sure to advertise the property professionally. Always behave well with your guests because it is more likely for them to leave positive reviews to your profile. More positive reviews will rank your property better on the site and you’ll get more visitors.

In order to get more positive reviews and more users interested in your profile, try to pull out some tricks such as:

  • Putting in some small investments like fast WiFi or breakfast, and include them in the price.
  • Offer your customers a good transportation services – if possible, include a Chauffeur service in the package.

With the current competition, getting the visitors from the airport, bus or train station is also a must.


Tips on How to Make Money on AirBnb without having your own Property!

Renting properties and re-renting them on AirBnb is one of the world trends to earn more money with Airbnb. And the process is as following: You rent a certain apartment for $500 monthly. Then you re-rent the apartment on AirBnb for $45 daily. If you manage to rent it 20 times in the month, you will get $900 and $400 in profits. If you do that for 5 properties, then you have serious monthly profit.


Advantages of using Airbnb:

  • You can earn money on properties you don’t use
  • You can earn a lot more than regular weekly or monthly rent
  • The website is increasing and is getting more and more new users monthly
  • The earning possibilities are much higher than any other similar website

Disadvantages of using Airbnb:

  • The competition is increasing
  • Possible damages to the properties
  • The visitors are not guaranteed



The truth remains that Airbnb is truly revolutionizing the travel industry, and it’s surely a potential opportunity for any one that wants to earn money on the internet.

One quick point to bear in mind for anyone interested in learning how to Earn Money Online with Airbnb; I would advise you carry-out your due diligence, set your goals and be ready to put-in the required efforts.

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