How to Make Money Online with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk!


All you need to know on How to Make Money Online with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.


It’s truly possible to make money online legitimately! The big question is; are you willing to spare some time and efforts? If your answer is yes; then website’s like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk can surely make you some extra income online.

Mechanical Turk is one of the website owned by (part of Amazon Web Services); it’s a crowd-sourcing Internet marketplace where individuals and businesses (mainly known as Requesters) can Request the use of Human Intelligence Tasks (called HIT) to carry-out various tasks, such as; translations and many more!

Also, based on the fact that Mechanical Turk is part of Amazon’s brand, you’re sure of dealing with a well-reputable company! Although, the early days (your first 1-100 HITs) might be quite challenging (due to the pay rate) but the overall experience is worth it!

Here are the basic steps in carrying out tasks on Mechanical Turk:

Step 1: Signup for Amazon Mechanical Turk account.
The very first process you need is to sign-up for an account on their website (if you don’t already have Amazon account)! But bear in mind; you need your account approved before you can start. – Normally their approval takes 48hours at the most.

Step 2: Find some tasks you can do on the site.
After you get your account approved, you can now start searching or browsing through the site to find some tasks you are knowledgeable and comfortable doing.

Step 3: Work on the Tasks.
If you’re happy with all conditions or instructions included; accept the task and start working on it. Ensure you carry-out the task to the best of your knowledge and best standard possible.

Step 4: Payment:
When you have completed the task; then submit it for review. Here is when you get paid for the completed task! Basically, money is deposited into your Amazon Payments account after the requester approves your work.

NOTE: you are likely to be limited to 100-HITs (Task) at the early days (within the first 10-days)


Here are some samples on how the requested HITs looks like:


Source: Mechanical Turk website.

  • Select the correct spelling for these search terms
  • Is this website suitable for a general audience?
  • Find the item number for the product in this image
  • Rate the search results for these keywords
  • Are these two products the same?
  • Choose the appropriate category for products
  • Categorize the tone of this article
  • Translate a paragraph from English to French.

NOTE: The amount of money you can make on the website is totally up to you; it all depends on how many HITs you can complete.

Here are some advantages of using Mechanical Turk:

  • It’s easy to Set-Up.
  • There’s not a lot of Skill required to get started.
  • You can actually work from anywhere – your complete comfort!
  • It gives you some Flexibility
  • There’s no limit to the amount you can earn.

Here are some disadvantages of using Mechanical Turk:

  • The Pay per HIT (pay rate) is quite low, and it will require you completing lots of HITs in other to make decent money on there.
  • The pay-out is not worth quitting your day Job for.
  • Not a lot of room for advancement compared to other work from home opportunities.


With all been said; Mechanical Turk is quite a good start for people new to making money online, although it’s likely not the best for everyone (due to the low pay rate), but it can actually pay-off some of your bills or earn you few extra money online.



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