Worldwide brands FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Worldwide brands?

Worldwide brands is an online product seller’s directory that provides buyers with access to verified product suppliers, wholesalers and dropshippers. Worldwide brands is one of the very well-known names in the wholesale directory industry.
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How does Worldwide brands work?

Worldwide brands is used primarily for the purpose of sourcing product suppliers including wholesalers and dropshippers.

Who can benefit from Worldwide brands?

  • Anyone that wants to be selling dropshipping products through their ecommerce store or any marketplaces,
  • You can benefit from Worldwide brands if you want to buy products in wholesale quantity,
  • You can benefit from Worldwide brands if you intend to buy and sell low-cost products from reputable suppliers,
  • Anyone that wants to buy wholesale products at a smaller quantity through the use of what Worldwide brands calls “Light Bulk”,
  • Any product seller’s that wants to source highly profitable products from reliable and reputable suppliers,
  • Anyone that prefers to pay a one off membership subscription for their wholesale directory,

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Is Worldwide brands legit?

Worldwide brands is 100% legit and reputable company. The company has been in business for 19-years now, and still counting.

Is Worldwide brands worth joining?

It depends on what your priorities are, because Worldwide brands is not cheap if compared to other wholesale directories like Salehoo. Their one-off lifetime membership fee is $299.
Basically, if you have the capital to invest, then YES, I’ll advice you go for Worldwide brands directory.
But if you’re operating on a low budget, then it’s a NO. Because there are alternatives to Worldwide brands that will only cost you $67 yearly (which you can start with).
Although, Worldwide brands does come with a lot of values and benefits, but it all depends on your budget.

How many products does Worldwide brands have listed in their wholesale directory?

Worldwide brands claims to currently have over 16 million products available from suppliers they have listed in their wholesale directory.

How many dropshippers and wholesale suppliers are in Worldwide brands directory?

According to Worldwide brands; they claim to currently have over 8,000 dropshippers and wholesale suppliers listed in their directory.

What is the cost of Worldwide brands subscription?

Worldwide brands has only one simplify cost for their membership, and that is $299 one-off Lifetime membership fee.

Does Worldwide brands provide any Money back Guarantee?

YES, Worldwide brands does offer a Money Back Guarantee called “Satisfaction Guarantee”.
Although, their Money Back Guarantee does come with a time limit in two options:

  • Option 1, you have up to 60 days for your full refund if you pay the membership fee once.
  • Option 2, you have up to 30 days for your full refund if you choose to pay the membership fee through their payment plan.

How can I try Worldwide brands directory?

You can join Worldwide brands here.



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