Salehoo FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salehoo?

Salehoo is a web-directory that provides buyers with the list of verified product suppliers, wholesalers and dropshippers. You can read this detailed Salehoo review to learn more about their services and how you too can benefit from using it.

How does Salehoo work, or how to use Salehoo?

Salehoo is mainly used in sourcing product suppliers, such as wholesalers and dropshippers. They provide sophisticated tools that you can use in sourcing highly demanded, profitable and low-cost products.
Please watch this video to see how Salehoo works.

Who can benefit from Salehoo?

  • Anyone that wants to use dropshipping to fulfil their ecommerce business orders,
  • Anyone that wants to buy wholesale products,
  • Anyone that wants to source low-cost products from multiple sources to sell,
  • Anyone selling products online that needs help in sourcing profitable products and reliable suppliers
  • Anyone new to product sourcing,
  • Anyone interested in selling specific niche related products,

And much more..

Is Salehoo legit?

Yes; Salehoo is a 100% legitimate company. They have being in business for over a decade (10 years) now with a good reputation and reviews to back it up.

Is Salehoo worth joining?

YES Salehoo is worth, but it all depends on your needs.
Talking from my experience from using Salehoo’s directory for years; I’m sure you will not go wrong with such a little investment of $67 that gives you unrestricted access to their directory and other helpful resources for 365-days (one full year).
Please Note: Salehoo is not going to give you any magical success; Salehoo is a website where you can find product suppliers for your business.
Haven said that; Salehoo has proven to help simplify product sourcing needs by offering low-cost products, in-demand products, market research tools, trainings and much more.

Can you really make Money using Salehoo?

The question of “can you make money using Salehoo” is a YES and NO!
Basically; the results you will get using Salehoo is entirely up to you. Meaning, it all depends on your commitments to your business.
As I’ve previously mentioned; using Salehoo is not going to make you money on its own, but using Salehoo can give you a better hedge in making money with your ecommerce store or any marketplaces you choose to use in selling products.
You can Sign-up for this FREE webinar to learn how you can start making money using Salehoo’s directory.

Do Salehoo provide any Market Research Tools?

Yes, Salehoo do provide product sourcing/research tool called Market Research. This tool is able to analyse the competitive level of any niche or products. In addition, the research tool can also help analyse the profit margin you’re likely to earn from any product you sell.

How much is the cost of Salehoo subscription?

The subscription of Salehoo does cost $67 (yearly membership fee).
One point you should bear in mind is that Salehoo’s membership cost is competitively low if compared to other wholesale directories.
You can read these two reviews to compare Salehoo and Worldwide Brands.

Do Salehoo provide any Money back Guarantee?

Yes, Salehoo does have a full refund policy. That means you are covered with Salehoo’s 60-days Money-Back Guarantee if you choose to try their services.

How can I try Salehoo directory?

You can join SaleHoo here, or learn more about Salehoo by reading more resources here.

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